Red Moka Pot


Caffè Vergnano’s Moka pot is the perfect stovetop coffee maker to prepare authentic Italian espresso. Get in the holiday mood with this iconic Moka pot!

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The Moka pot is a cult object both for Italians as well as for coffee lovers all over the world. If you are looking to prepare authentic Italian coffee, you will not only need Caffè Vergnano’s high-quality ground coffee, but also a stovetop coffee maker. Designed with love by Caffè Vergnano, this red Moka pot is very simple to use. There are just a few simple rules to keep in mind when you are preparing Italian coffee at home. Remember to put cold water in the boiler, and only fill it up to the valve. Add ground coffee in the filter, but make sure you don’t press it down. Remove the Moka pot from the fire when it begins to gurgle. Open the cap to let the steam out and serve in one of our ceramic espresso cups. Now it’s time to enjoy the full aromas of Caffè Vergnano’s ground coffee!